As an integrative therapist, I work with a range of skills and techniques, blending together different therapeutic methods, to find the most comfortable and practical way to meet your needs and solve your problems. Systemic counselling  looks at the way that we behave in different  systems such as couples or families. It allows different ways of looking at problems, and is particularly useful when people are troubled by cycles of behaviour that they can’t seem to change. Psychodynamic counselling explores how previous experiences may be affecting us today. This can provide insight into why we react to things in the way that we do, and help us identify and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy concentrates on identifying what people want to achieve in counselling and facilitating them to make lasting change by recognising and drawing on their own resources.

There is more than one way to do things and we will look for the best way for you. Our conversations will be a collaboration, because it’s in trying to understand things together that we can make things better. I work in a way where you feel it is safe to discuss your issues in an atmosphere of warmth, respect and empathy, it is important to me to form a strong therapeutic alliance.

Counselling provides an opportunity to calmly consider what is happening in our lives and to find a clear way to move forward. We will talk in an atmosphere of calm and confidentiality and from these conversations, answers will emerge. Life might seem hard now, but I know that by talking about your problems  you will be able to put them behind you.

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